Western Thoracic Surgical Association (WTSA) Meeting Papers

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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Value-driven cardiac surgery: Achieving “perfect care” after coronary artery bypass grafting

    Jason P. Glotzbach, Vikas Sharma, Joseph E. Tonna, Jacob C. Pettit, Stephen H. McKellar, Aaron W. Eckhauser, Thomas K. Varghese Jr., Craig H. Selzman
    Vol. 156, Issue 4, p1436–1448.e2
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  • Abstract Image
    Optimized induction of beta common receptor enhances the neuroprotective function of erythropoietin in spinal cord ischemic injury

    Katsuhiro Yamanaka, Mohamed Eldeiry, Muhammad Aftab, Joshua Mares, Thomas J. Ryan, Xianzhong Meng, Michael J. Weyant, Joseph C. Cleveland Jr., David A. Fullerton, T. Brett Reece
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2505–2516
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  • Emergency department use is high after esophagectomy and feeding tube problems are the biggest culprit

    Biniam Kidane, Suha Kaaki, Dhruvin H. Hirpara, Yu Cindy Shen, Adam Bassili, Frances Allison, Thomas K. Waddell, Gail E. Darling
    Vol. 156, Issue 6, p2340–2348
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  • Abstract ImageAbstract Image
    Right ventricular free wall stress after tricuspid valve annuloplasty in acute ovine right heart failure

    Tomasz Jazwiec, Marcin Malinowski, Jared Bush, Matthew Goehler, Nathan Quay, Jessica Parker, David E. Langholz, Tomasz A. Timek
    Vol. 158, Issue 3, p759–768
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  • Reduced proximal aortic compliance and elevated wall shear stress after early repair of tetralogy of Fallot

    Michal Schäfer, Lorna P. Browne, Gareth J. Morgan, Alex J. Barker, Brian Fonseca, D. Dunbar Ivy, Max B. Mitchell
    Vol. 156, Issue 6, p2239–2249
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Imaging surveillance for surgically resected stage I non–small cell lung cancer: Is more always better?

    Melanie Subramanian, Jingxia Liu, Caprice Greenberg, Jessica Schumacher, George J. Chang, Timothy L. McMurry, Amanda B. Francescatti, Tara R. Semenkovich, Jessica L. Hudson, Bryan F. Meyers, Varun Puri, Benjamin D. Kozower
    Vol. 157, Issue 3, p1205–1217.e2
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Improving outcome of valve replacement for carcinoid heart disease

    Anita Nguyen, Hartzell V. Schaff, Martin D. Abel, S. Allen Luis, Brian D. Lahr, Thorvardur R. Halfdanarson, Heidi M. Connolly
    Vol. 158, Issue 1, p99–107.e2
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  • Online ExtraAbstract Image
    Comparative effectiveness of upfront esophagectomy versus induction chemoradiation in clinical stage T2N0 esophageal cancer: A decision analysis

    Tara R. Semenkovich, Roheena Z. Panni, Jessica L. Hudson, Theodore Thomas, Leisha C. Elmore, Su-Hsin Chang, Bryan F. Meyers, Benjamin D. Kozower, Varun Puri
    Vol. 155, Issue 5, p2221–2230.e1
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  • Abstract ImageAbstract Image
    Wall stress on ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms with bicuspid compared with tricuspid aortic valve

    Yue Xuan, Zhongjie Wang, Raymond Liu, Henrik Haraldsson, Michael D. Hope, David A. Saloner, Julius M. Guccione, Liang Ge, Elaine Tseng
    Vol. 156, Issue 2, p492–500
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Early fundoplication is associated with slower decline in lung function after lung transplantation in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease

    Sreeja Biswas Roy, Shaimaa Elnahas, Rosemarie Serrone, Cassandra Haworth, Michael T. Olson, Paul Kang, Michael A. Smith, Ross M. Bremner, Jasmine L. Huang
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2762–2771.e1
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  • Abstract ImageAbstract Image
    Long-term transplant outcomes of donor hearts with left ventricular dysfunction

    Agustin Sibona, Kiran K. Khush, Udo E. Oyoyo, Timothy P. Martens, Nahidh W. Hasaniya, Anees J. Razzouk, Leonard L. Bailey, David G. Rabkin
    Vol. 157, Issue 5, p1865–1875
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  • Abstract Image
    Current trends in bilateral internal thoracic artery use for coronary revascularization: Extending benefit to high-risk patients

    Nishant Saran, Chaim Locker, Sameh M. Said, Richard C. Daly, Simon Maltais, John M. Stulak, Kevin L. Greason, Alberto Pochettino, Hartzell V. Schaff, Joseph A. Dearani, Lyle D. Joyce, Brian D. Lahr, David L. Joyce
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2331–2343
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Variability in invasive mediastinal staging for lung cancer: A multicenter regional study

    Lucas W. Thornblade, Douglas E. Wood, Michael S. Mulligan, Alexander S. Farivar, Michal Hubka, Kimberly E. Costas, Bahirathan Krishnadasan, Farhood Farjah for The SCOAP-CERTAIN Collaborative
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2658–2671.e1
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  • Abstract Image
    Needle localization of small pulmonary nodules: Lessons learned

    Patricia A. Thistlethwaite, Jonathan R. Gower, Moises Hernandez, Yu Zhang, Andrew C. Picel, Anne C. Roberts
    Vol. 155, Issue 5, p2140–2147
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  • Initial surgical experience following implementation of lung cancer screening at an urban safety net hospital

    Juan A. Muñoz-Largacha, Katrina A. Steiling, Hasmeena Kathuria, Marjory Charlot, Carmel Fitzgerald, Kei Suzuki, Virginia R. Litle
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2674–2681
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Burden of preoperative atrial fibrillation in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting

    S. Chris Malaisrie, Patrick M. McCarthy, Jane Kruse, Roland Matsouaka, Adin-Cristian Andrei, Maria V. Grau-Sepulveda, Daniel J. Friedman, James L. Cox, J. Matthew Brennan
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2358–2367.e1
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    De novo atrial fibrillation after mitral valve surgery

    Christopher K. Mehta, Patrick M. McCarthy, Adin-Cristian Andrei, Jane Kruse, Hangzhi Shi, Andrei Churyla, S. Chris Malaisrie, Duc Thinh Pham, James L. Cox
    Vol. 156, Issue 4, p1515–1525.e11
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  • Online ExtraAbstract Image
    A cost-utility analysis of transcatheter versus surgical aortic valve replacement for the treatment of aortic stenosis in the population with intermediate surgical risk

    Derrick Y. Tam, Avery Hughes, Stephen E. Fremes, Saerom Youn, Rebecca L. Hancock-Howard, Peter C. Coyte, Harindra C. Wijeysundera
    Vol. 155, Issue 5, p1978–1988.e1
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  • Abstract ImageAbstract Image
    Glycogen synthase kinase 3β inhibition reduces mitochondrial oxidative stress in chronic myocardial ischemia

    Brittany A. Potz, Laura A. Scrimgeour, Sharif A. Sabe, Richard T. Clements, Neel R. Sodha, Frank W. Sellke
    Vol. 155, Issue 6, p2492–2503
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  • Greater asymmetric wall shear stress in Sievers' type 1/LR compared with 0/LAT bicuspid aortic valves after valve-sparing aortic root replacement

    Elizabeth H. Stephens, Thomas A. Hope, Fabian A. Kari, John-Peder Escobar Kvitting, David H. Liang, Robert J. Herfkens, D. Craig Miller
    Vol. 150, Issue 1, p59–68
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  • Online ExtraAbstract Image
    Cost of individual complications following coronary artery bypass grafting

    J. Hunter Mehaffey, Robert B. Hawkins, Matthew Byler, Eric J. Charles, Clifford Fonner, Irving Kron, Mohammed Quader, Alan Speir, Jeff Rich, Gorav Ailawadi for the Virginia Cardiac Services Quality Initiative
    Vol. 155, Issue 3, p875–882.e1
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Development of a 3-D printing-based cardiac surgical simulation curriculum to teach septal myectomy

    Joshua L. Hermsen, Roderick Yang, Thomas M. Burke, Todd Dardas, L. Myria Jacobs, Edward D. Verrier, Nahush A. Mokadam
    Vol. 156, Issue 3, p1139–1148.e3
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  • Abstract Image
    Relative incremental costs of complications of lobectomy for stage I non–small cell lung cancer

    Abraham D. Geller, Hui Zheng, Douglas J. Mathisen, Cameron D. Wright, Michael Lanuti
    Vol. 155, Issue 4, p1804–1811
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  • Abstract Image
    LKB1 inactivation occurs in a subset of esophageal adenocarcinomas and is sufficient to drive tumor cell proliferation

    Timothy G. Whitsett, Sumeet K. Mittal, Jennifer M. Eschbacher, Vashti M. Carson, Michael A. Smith, Ross M. Bremner, Landon J. Inge
    Vol. 155, Issue 4, p1891–1899
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  • Abstract ImageAbstract Image
    Virtual surgical planning, flow simulation, and 3-dimensional electrospinning of patient-specific grafts to optimize Fontan hemodynamics

    Dominik Siallagan, Yue-Hin Loke, Laura Olivieri, Justin Opfermann, Chin Siang Ong, Diane de Zélicourt, Anastasios Petrou, Marianne Schmid Daners, Vartan Kurtcuoglu, Mirko Meboldt, Kevin Nelson, Luca Vricella, Jed Johnson, Narutoshi Hibino, Axel Krieger
    Vol. 155, Issue 4, p1734–1742
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  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Outcomes after surgical pulmonary embolectomy for acute submassive and massive pulmonary embolism: A single-center experience

    Chetan Pasrija, Anthony Kronfli, Michael Rouse, Maxwell Raithel, Gregory J. Bittle, Sheelagh Pousatis, Mehrdad Ghoreishi, James S. Gammie, Bartley P. Griffith, Pablo G. Sanchez, Zachary N. Kon
    Vol. 155, Issue 3, p1095–1106.e2
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  • Scan, plan, print, practice, perform: Development and use of a patient-specific 3-dimensional printed model in adult cardiac surgery

    Joshua L. Hermsen, Thomas M. Burke, Stephen P. Seslar, David S. Owens, Beth A. Ripley, Nahush A. Mokadam, Edward D. Verrier
    Vol. 153, Issue 1, p132–140
    Open Archive
  • Airway pressure release ventilation during ex vivo lung perfusion attenuates injury

    J. Hunter Mehaffey, Eric J. Charles, Ashish K. Sharma, Dustin T. Money, Yunge Zhao, Mark H. Stoler, Christine L. Lau, Curtis G. Tribble, Victor E. Laubach, Mark E. Roeser, Irving L. Kron
    Vol. 153, Issue 1, p197–204
    Open Archive
  • Regulation of membrane type-1 matrix metalloproteinase activity and intracellular localization in clinical thoracic aortic aneurysms

    John S. Ikonomidis, Elizabeth K. Nadeau, Adam W. Akerman, Robert E. Stroud, Rupak Mukherjee, Jeffrey A. Jones
    Vol. 153, Issue 3, p537–546
    Open Archive
  • Preclinical study of patient-specific cell-free nanofiber tissue-engineered vascular grafts using 3-dimensional printing in a sheep model

    Takuma Fukunishi, Cameron A. Best, Tadahisa Sugiura, Justin Opfermann, Chin Siang Ong, Toshiharu Shinoka, Christopher K. Breuer, Axel Krieger, Jed Johnson, Narutoshi Hibino
    Vol. 153, Issue 4, p924–932
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Flipping the classroom: Case-based learning, accountability, assessment, and feedback leads to a favorable change in culture

    Nahush A. Mokadam, Todd F. Dardas, Joshua L. Hermsen, Jay D. Pal, Michael S. Mulligan, L. Myria Jacobs, Douglas E. Wood, Edward D. Verrier
    Vol. 153, Issue 4, p987–996.e1
    Open Archive
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic diaphragm plication using a running suture technique is durable and effective

    David S. Demos, Mark F. Berry, Leah M. Backhus, Joseph B. Shrager
    Vol. 153, Issue 5, p1182–1188
    Open Archive
  • Late results of the Cox-maze IV procedure in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting

    Matthew R. Schill, Farah N. Musharbash, Vivek Hansalia, Jason W. Greenberg, Spencer J. Melby, Hersh S. Maniar, Laurie A. Sinn, Richard B. Schuessler, Marc R. Moon, Ralph J. Damiano Jr.
    Vol. 153, Issue 5, p1087–1094
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Comparison of right ventricle–pulmonary artery shunt position in the Single Ventricle Reconstruction trial

    Nicholas D. Andersen, James M. Meza, Matthew R. Byler, Andrew J. Lodge, Kevin D. Hill, Christoph P. Hornik, Robert D.B. Jaquiss
    Vol. 153, Issue 6, p1490–1500.e1
    Open Archive
  • Reengineering valve patients' postdischarge management for adapting to bundled payment models

    Michael S. Koeckert, Patricia A. Ursomanno, Mathew R. Williams, Michael Querijero, Elias A. Zias, Didier F. Loulmet, Kevin Kirchen, Eugene A. Grossi, Aubrey C. Galloway
    Vol. 154, Issue 1, p190–198
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Implications and outcomes of cardiac grafts refused by pediatric centers but transplanted by adult centers

    Farhan Zafar, Raheel Rizwan, Angela Lorts, Roosevelt Bryant III, James S. Tweddell, Clifford Chin, David L. Morales
    Vol. 154, Issue 2, p528–536.e1
    Open Archive
  • Online ExtraAbstract ImageAbstract ImageAbstract Image
    Pulmonary function tests do not predict mortality in patients undergoing continuous-flow left ventricular assist device implantation

    Edo K.S. Bedzra, Todd F. Dardas, Richard K. Cheng, Jay D. Pal, Claudius Mahr, Jason W. Smith, Kent Shively, S. Carolina Masri, Wayne C. Levy, Nahush A. Mokadam
    Vol. 154, Issue 6, p1959–1970.e1
    Open Archive
  • Gastric conduit revision postesophagectomy: Management for a rare complication

    Jessica Yu Rove, A. Sasha Krupnick, Frank A. Baciewicz, Bryan F. Meyers
    Vol. 154, Issue 4, p1450–1458
    Open Archive
  • Fate of remnant sinuses of Valsalva in patients with bicuspid and trileaflet valves undergoing aortic valve, ascending aorta, and aortic arch replacement

    Rita Karianna Milewski, Andreas Habertheuer, Joseph E. Bavaria, Mary Siki, Wilson Y. Szeto, Eric Krause, Varun Korutla, Nimesh D. Desai, Prashanth Vallabhajosyula
    Vol. 154, Issue 2, p421–432
    Open Archive
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a bridge to lung transplantation: A single-center experience in the present era

    Emily M. Todd, Sreeja Biswas Roy, A. Samad Hashimi, Rosemarie Serrone, Roshan Panchanathan, Paul Kang, Katherine E. Varsch, Barry E. Steinbock, Jasmine Huang, Ashraf Omar, Vipul Patel, Rajat Walia, Michael A. Smith, Ross M. Bremner
    Vol. 154, Issue 5, p1798–1809
    Open Archive
  • Implementation of transcatheter aortic valve replacement in California: Influence on aortic valve surgery

    Steven Maximus, Jeffrey C. Milliken, Beate Danielsen, Richard Shemin, Junaid Khan, Joseph S. Carey
    Vol. 155, Issue 4, p1447–1456
    Open Archive

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  • Lung adenocarcinoma: Are skip N2 metastases different from non-skip?

    Hang Li, Hong Hu, Rui Wang, Yuan Li, Lei Shen, Yihua Sun, Haiquan Chen
    Vol. 150, Issue 4, p790–795
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Vascular endothelial growth factor C complements the ability of positron emission tomography to predict nodal disease in lung cancer

    Farhood Farjah, David K. Madtes, Douglas E. Wood, David R. Flum, Megan E. Zadworny, Rachel Waworuntu, Billanna Hwang, Michael S. Mulligan
    Vol. 150, Issue 4, p796–803.e2
    Open Archive
  • Systematic donor selection review process improves cardiac transplant volumes and outcomes

    Jason W. Smith, Kevin D. O'Brien, Todd Dardas, Jay D. Pal, Daniel P. Fishbein, Wayne C. Levy, Claudius Mahr, Sofia C. Masri, Richard K. Cheng, April Stempien-Otero, Nahush A. Mokadam
    Vol. 151, Issue 1, p238–243
    Open Archive
  • Preoperative characteristics and surgical outcomes of acute intramural hematoma involving the ascending aorta: A propensity score–matched analysis

    Akihito Matsushita, Toshihiro Fukui, Minoru Tabata, Yasunori Sato, Shuichiro Takanashi
    Vol. 151, Issue 2, p351–358
    Open Archive
  • Defining operative mortality: Impact on outcome reporting

    Steven Maximus, Jeffrey C. Milliken, Beate Danielsen, Junaid Khan, Richard Shemin, Joseph S. Carey
    Vol. 151, Issue 4, p1101–1110
    Open Archive
  • Clinical and hemodynamic influences of prophylactic tricuspid annuloplasty in mechanical mitral valve replacement

    Heemoon Lee, Kiick Sung, Wook Sung Kim, Young Tak Lee, Sung-Ji Park, Keumhee Chough Carriere, Pyo Won Park
    Vol. 151, Issue 3, p788–795
    Open Archive
  • Real-time magnetic resonance imaging–guided transcatheter aortic valve replacement

    Justin G. Miller, Ming Li, Dumitru Mazilu, Tim Hunt, Keith A. Horvath
    Vol. 151, Issue 5, p1269–1277
    Open Archive
  • Pretreatment with bone marrow–derived mesenchymal stromal cell–conditioned media confers pulmonary ischemic tolerance

    Billanna Hwang, W. Conrad Liles, Rachel Waworuntu, Michael S. Mulligan
    Vol. 151, Issue 3, p841–849
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Natural history of coexistent mitral regurgitation after aortic valve replacement

    Sarah A. Schubert, Leora T. Yarboro, Sushma Madala, Karnika Ayunipudi, Irving L. Kron, John A. Kern, Gorav Ailawadi, George J. Stukenborg, Ravi K. Ghanta
    Vol. 151, Issue 4, p1032–1042.e1
    Open Archive
  • The ripple effect of a complication in lung transplantation: Evidence for increased long-term survival risk

    Ernest G. Chan, Valentino Bianco III, Thomas Richards, J.W. Awori Hayanga, Matthew Morrell, Norihisa Shigemura, Maria Crespo, Joseph Pilewski, James Luketich, Jonathan D'Cunha
    Vol. 151, Issue 4, p1171–1180
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Are homografts superior to conventional prosthetic valves in the setting of infective endocarditis involving the aortic valve?

    Joon Bum Kim, Julius I. Ejiofor, Maroun Yammine, Janice M. Camuso, Conor W. Walsh, Masahiko Ando, Serguei I. Melnitchouk, James D. Rawn, Marzia Leacche, Thomas E. MacGillivray, Lawrence H. Cohn, John G. Byrne, Thoralf M. Sundt
    Vol. 151, Issue 5, p1239–1248.e2
    Open Archive
  • Transplantation of “high-risk” donor hearts: Implications for infection

    Ann C. Gaffey, Stacey L. Doll, Arwin M. Thomasson, Chantel Venkataraman, Carol W. Chen, Lee R. Goldberg, Emily A. Blumberg, Michael A. Acker, Francis Stone, Pavan Atluri
    Vol. 152, Issue 1, p213–220
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Outcomes of multistage palliation of infants with functional single ventricle and heterotaxy syndrome

    Bahaaldin Alsoufi, Courtney McCracken, Brian Schlosser, Ritu Sachdeva, Andrew Well, Brian Kogon, William Border, Kirk Kanter
    Vol. 151, Issue 5, p1369–1377.e2
    Open Archive
  • Congenital cardiac surgery fellowship training: A status update

    Brian Kogon, Tara Karamlou, William Baumgartner, Walter Merrill, Carl Backer
    Vol. 151, Issue 6, p1488–1495
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Patterns of care in hilar node-positive (N1) non–small cell lung cancer: A missed treatment opportunity?

    Matthew J. Bott, Aalok P. Patel, Vivek Verma, Traves D. Crabtree, Daniel Morgensztern, Clifford G. Robinson, Graham A. Colditz, Saiama Waqar, Daniel Kreisel, A. Sasha Krupnick, G. Alexander Patterson, Stephen Broderick, Bryan F. Meyers, Varun Puri
    Vol. 151, Issue 6, p1549–1558.e2
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Outcomes of neonates requiring prolonged stay in the intensive care unit after surgical repair of congenital heart disease

    Makoto Mori, Courtney McCracken, Kevin Maher, Brian Kogon, William Mahle, Kirk Kanter, Bahaaldin Alsoufi
    Vol. 152, Issue 3, p720–727.e1
    Open Archive

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  • Results of palliation with an initial pulmonary artery band in patients with single ventricle associated with unrestricted pulmonary blood flow

    Bahaaldin Alsoufi, Cedric Manlhiot, Alexandra Ehrlich, Matthew Oster, Brian Kogon, William T. Mahle, Kevin Maher, Brian W. McCrindle, Kirk Kanter
    Vol. 149, Issue 1, p213–220
    Open Archive
  • Endovascular stent grafting for ascending aorta repair in high-risk patients

    Eric E. Roselli, Jahanzaib Idrees, Roy K. Greenberg, Douglas R. Johnston, Bruce W. Lytle
    Vol. 149, Issue 1, p144–154
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Continuous-flow ventricular assist device exchange is safe and effective in prolonging support time in patients with end-stage heart failure

    Jatin Anand, Steve K. Singh, Rubén Hernández, Steven M. Parnis, Andrew B. Civitello, William E. Cohn, Hari R. Mallidi
    Vol. 149, Issue 1, p267–278.e1
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Training less-experienced faculty improves reliability of skills assessment in cardiac surgery

    Xiaoying Lou, Richard Lee, Richard H. Feins, Daniel Enter, George L. Hicks Jr., Edward D. Verrier, James I. Fann
    Vol. 148, Issue 6, p2491–2496.e2
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    One-year results of thoracic endovascular aortic repair for blunt thoracic aortic injury (RESCUE trial)

    Ali Khoynezhad, Carlos E. Donayre, Ali Azizzadeh, Rodney White on behalf of the RESCUE investigators
    Vol. 149, Issue 1, p155–161.e4
    Open Archive
  • C-terminal tensin-like protein mediates invasion of human lung cancer cells and is regulated by signal transducer and activator of transcription 3

    Daine T. Bennett, Thomas Brett Reece, Lisa S. Foley, Ayla Sjoberg, Xianzhong Meng, David A. Fullerton, Michael J. Weyant
    Vol. 149, Issue 1, p369–375
    Open Archive
  • Risk stratification of patients undergoing pulmonary metastasectomy for soft tissue and bone sarcomas

    Anthony Y. Lin, Svetlana Kotova, Jane Yanagawa, Osama Elbuluk, Gerald Wang, Nivedita Kar, David Elashoff, Tristan Grogan, Robert B. Cameron, Arun Singh, Bartosz Chmielowski, Noah Federman, Scott D. Nelson, Percy Lee, Fritz C. Eilber, Jay M. Lee
    Vol. 149, Issue 1, p85–92
    Open Archive
  • Contemporaneous comparison of the Yasui and Norwood procedures at a single institution

    Sergio A. Carrillo, Richard D. Mainwaring, Justin M. Schaffer, Gail Wright, Katsuhide Maeda, Frank L. Hanley, V. Mohan Reddy
    Vol. 149, Issue 2, p508–513
    Open Archive
  • Midterm survival after thoracic endovascular aortic repair in more than 10,000 Medicare patients

    Justin M. Schaffer, Bharathi Lingala, D. Craig Miller, Y. Joseph Woo, R. Scott Mitchell, Michael D. Dake
    Vol. 149, Issue 3, p808–823
    Open Archive
  • Spinal cord protection via alpha-2 agonist-mediated increase in glial cell-line–derived neurotrophic factor

    Kirsten A. Freeman, David A. Fullerton, Lisa S. Foley, Marshall T. Bell, Joseph C. Cleveland Jr., Michael J. Weyant, Joshua Mares, Xianzhong Meng, Ferenc Puskas, T. Brett Reece
    Vol. 149, Issue 2, p578–586
    Open Archive
  • Preoperative gene expression may be associated with neurocognitive decline after cardiopulmonary bypass

    Ashraf A. Sabe, Rahul S. Dalal, Louis M. Chu, Nassrene Y. Elmadhun, Basel Ramlawi, Cesario Bianchi, Frank W. Sellke
    Vol. 149, Issue 2, p613–623
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    del Nido versus Buckberg cardioplegia in adult isolated valve surgery

    Stephanie L. Mick, Michael P. Robich, Penny L. Houghtaling, A. Marc Gillinov, Edward G. Soltesz, Douglas R. Johnston, Eugene H. Blackstone, Joseph F. Sabik III
    Vol. 149, Issue 2, p626–636.e5
    Open Archive
  • Erythropoietin activates the phosporylated cAMP [adenosine 3′5′ cyclic monophosphate] response element-binding protein pathway and attenuates delayed paraplegia after ischemia-reperfusion injury

    Joshua M. Mares, Lisa S. Foley, Marshall T. Bell, Daine T. Bennett, Kirsten A. Freeman, Xianzhong Meng, Michael J. Weyant, Joseph C. Cleveland Jr., David A. Fullerton, Ferenc Puskas, Thomas Brett Reece
    Vol. 149, Issue 3, p920–924
    Open Archive
  • Aortic root translocation (Nikaidoh procedure): Intermediate follow-up and impact of conduit type

    Vijayakumar Raju, Patrick O. Myers, Luis G. Quinonez, Sitaram M. Emani, John E. Mayer Jr., Frank A. Pigula, Pedro J. del Nido, Christopher W. Baird
    Vol. 149, Issue 5, p1349–1355
    Open Archive
  • Resection of thymoma should include nodal sampling

    Benny Weksler, Arjun Pennathur, Jennifer L. Sullivan, Katie S. Nason
    Vol. 149, Issue 3, p737–742
    Open Archive
  • A high-fat diet is associated with altered adipokine production and a more aggressive esophageal adenocarcinoma phenotype in vivo

    Aaron J. Fowler, Amanda L. Richer, Ross M. Bremner, Landon J. Inge
    Vol. 149, Issue 4, p1185–1191
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Does surgeon experience affect outcomes in pathologic stage I lung cancer?

    Paul J. Scheel III, Traves D. Crabtree, Jennifer M. Bell, Christine Frederiksen, Stephen R. Broderick, A. Sasha Krupnick, Daniel Kreisel, G. Alexander Patterson, Bryan F. Meyers, Varun Puri
    Vol. 149, Issue 4, p998–1004.e1
    Open Archive
  • Online Extra
    Failure to rescue and pulmonary resection for lung cancer

    Farhood Farjah, Leah Backhus, Aaron Cheng, Brian Englum, Sunghee Kim, Paramita Saha-Chaudhuri, Douglas E. Wood, Michael S. Mulligan, Thomas K. Varghese
    Vol. 149, Issue 5, p1365–1373.e3
    Open Archive
  • Effect of patient age on blood product transfusion after cardiac surgery

    Niv Ad, Paul S. Massimiano, Nelson A. Burton, Linda Halpin, Graciela Pritchard, Deborah J. Shuman, Sari D. Holmes
    Vol. 150, Issue 1, p209–214
    Open Archive
  • Preoperative (3-dimensional) computed tomography lung reconstruction before anatomic segmentectomy or lobectomy for stage I non–small cell lung cancer

    Ernest G. Chan, James R. Landreneau, Matthew J. Schuchert, David D. Odell, Suicheng Gu, Jiantao Pu, James D. Luketich, Rodney J. Landreneau
    Vol. 150, Issue 3, p523–528
    Open Archive

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  • Online Extra
    Late functional outcomes after repair of tetralogy of Fallot with atrioventricular septal defect: A double case-match control study

    Yasuhiro Kotani, Devin Chetan, Naoki Ono, Luc L. Mertens, Christopher A. Caldarone, Glen S. Van Arsdell, Osami Honjo
    Vol. 145, Issue 6, p1477–1484.e4
  • Pulmonary artery interventions after Norwood procedure: Does type or position of shunt predict need for intervention?

    Katja M. Gist, Cindy S. Barrett, Dionne A. Graham, Sheri L. Crumback, Eleanor L. Schuchardt, Brian Erickson, James Jaggers
    Vol. 145, Issue 6, p1485–1492
  • Differential responses of the right ventricle to abnormal loading conditions in vivo: Possible pathophysiologic mechanisms

    Anthony Azakie, Jeffrey Fineman, Youping He
    Vol. 145, Issue 5, p1335–1344
  • Outcomes of cervical lymph node recurrence in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma after esophagectomy with 2-field lymph node dissection

    Deok Heon Lee, Hyeong Ryul Kim, Dong Kwan Kim, Seung-Il Park, Yong-Hee Kim
    Vol. 146, Issue 2, p365–371
  • Optimal technique for the removal of chest tubes after pulmonary resection

    Robert James Cerfolio, Ayesha S. Bryant, Loki Skylizard, Douglas J. Minnich
    Vol. 145, Issue 6, p1535–1539
  • Contemporary experience with surgical treatment of aortic valve disease in children

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  • Online Extra
    Two-ventricle repairs in the unbalanced atrioventricular canal defect spectrum with midterm follow-up

    John E. Foker, James M. Berry, Jeffrey M. Vinocur, Brian A. Harvey, Lee A. Pyles
    Vol. 146, Issue 4, p854–860.e3
  • Composite risk factors predict survival after transplantation for congenital heart disease

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  • Reoperative aortic valve replacement in the octogenarians—minimally invasive technique in the era of transcatheter valve replacement

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  • Online Extra
    Frailty and risk in proximal aortic surgery

    Asvin M. Ganapathi, Brian R. Englum, Jennifer M. Hanna, Matthew A. Schechter, Jeffrey G. Gaca, Lynne M. Hurwitz, G. Chad Hughes
    Vol. 147, Issue 1, p186–191.e1
  • Online Extra
    Combined heart-kidney transplant improves post-transplant survival compared with isolated heart transplant in recipients with reduced glomerular filtration rate: Analysis of 593 combined heart-kidney transplants from the United Network Organ Sharing Database

    Tara Karamlou, Karl F. Welke, D. Michael McMullan, Gordon A. Cohen, Jill Gelow, Frederick A. Tibayan, James M. Mudd, Matthew S. Slater, Howard K. Song
    Vol. 147, Issue 1, p456–461.e1
  • Should surgical ablation for atrial fibrillation be performed in patients with a significantly enlarged left atrium?

    Niv Ad, Linda Henry, Sharon Hunt, Sari D. Holmes
    Vol. 147, Issue 1, p236–241
  • Assessing surgical risk for adults with congenital heart disease: Are pediatric scoring systems appropriate?

    Brian Kogon, Matthew Oster
    Vol. 147, Issue 2, p666–671
  • Outcomes of systemic to pulmonary artery shunts in patients weighing less than 3 kg: Analysis of shunt type, size, and surgical approach

    John W. Myers, Nancy S. Ghanayem, Yumei Cao, Pippa Simpson, Katie Trapp, Michael E. Mitchell, James S. Tweddell, Ronald K. Woods
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  • Transitioning from video-assisted thoracic surgical lobectomy to robotics for lung cancer: Are there outcomes advantages?

    Benjamin E. Lee, Robert J. Korst, Elaine Kletsman, John R. Rutledge
    Vol. 147, Issue 2, p724–729
  • Effect of severe left ventricular systolic dysfunction on hospital outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation or surgical aortic valve replacement: Results from a propensity-matched population of the Italian OBSERVANT multicenter study

    Francesco Onorati, Paola D’Errigo, Claudio Grossi, Marco Barbanti, Marco Ranucci, Daniel Remo Covello, Stefano Rosato, Alice Maraschini, Gennaro Santoro, Corrado Tamburino, Fulvia Seccareccia, Francesco Santini, Lorenzo Menicanti on behalf of the OBSERVANT Research Group
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  • Sutureless replacement versus transcatheter valve implantation in aortic valve stenosis: A propensity-matched analysis of 2 strategies in high-risk patients

    Giuseppe Santarpino, Steffen Pfeiffer, Jürgen Jessl, Angelo Maria Dell’Aquila, Francesco Pollari, Matthias Pauschinger, Theodor Fischlein
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  • Bilateral pulmonary arterial banding results in an increased need for subsequent pulmonary artery interventions

    Ryan R. Davies, Wolfgang A. Radtke, Dore Klenk, Christian Pizarro
    Vol. 147, Issue 2, p706–712
  • Online Extra
    Defining the best practice patterns for the neonatal systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt procedure

    Giv Heidari-Bateni, Sayna Norouzi, Matthew Hall, Anoop Brar, Pirooz Eghtesady
    Vol. 147, Issue 3, p869–873.e3
  • Alimentary satisfaction, gastrointestinal symptoms, and quality of life 10 or more years after esophagectomy with gastric pull-up

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  • Reconstruction of right ventricular outflow tract in neonates and infants using valved cryopreserved femoral vein homografts

    Ofer Schiller, Pranava Sinha, David Zurakowski, Richard A. Jonas
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  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of anastomotic complications after tracheal resection and reconstruction

    Cameron Stock, Natalie Gukasyan, Ashok Muniappan, Cameron Wright, Douglas Mathisen
    Vol. 147, Issue 3, p1030–1035
  • Safety and efficacy of prothrombin complex concentrates for the treatment of coagulopathy after cardiac surgery

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  • Surgical Care Improvement Project measure for postoperative glucose control should not be used as a measure of quality after cardiac surgery

    Damien J. LaPar, James M. Isbell, John A. Kern, Gorav Ailawadi, Irving L. Kron
    Vol. 147, Issue 3, p1041–1048
  • Quantification of emphysema with preoperative computed tomography has stronger association with pulmonary complications than pulmonary function test results after pulmonary lobectomy

    Kwon Joong Na, Chang Hyun Kang, Jae Hyun Jeon, Yong Won Seong, In Kyu Park, Jin Mo Goo, Young Tae Kim
    Vol. 147, Issue 3, p915–920
  • Competence versus mastery: The time course for developing proficiency in video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy

    Xiao Li, Jun Wang, Mark K. Ferguson
    Vol. 147, Issue 4, p1150–1154
  • Differential prognostic significance of extralobar and intralobar nodal metastases in patients with surgically resected stage II non–small cell lung cancer

    John C. Haney, Jennifer M. Hanna, Mark F. Berry, David H. Harpole, Thomas A. D’Amico, Betty C. Tong, Mark W. Onaitis
    Vol. 147, Issue 4, p1164–1168
  • Online Extra
    Satisfaction and compensatory hyperhidrosis rates 5 years and longer after video-assisted thoracoscopic sympathotomy for hyperhidrosis

    Ayesha S. Bryant, Robert James Cerfolio
    Vol. 147, Issue 4, p1160–1163.e1
  • Effect of mechanical assistance of the systemic ventricle in single ventricle circulation with cavopulmonary connection

    Pranava Sinha, Nina Deutsch, Kanishka Ratnayaka, Robert Lederman, Dingchao He, Mark Nuszkowski, Erin Montague, Gerald Mikesell, Nobuyuki Ishibashi, David Zurakowski, Richard Jonas
    Vol. 147, Issue 4, p1271–1275
  • Total arch replacement using moderate hypothermic circulatory arrest and unilateral selective antegrade cerebral perfusion

    Bradley G. Leshnower, Patrick D. Kilgo, Edward P. Chen
    Vol. 147, Issue 5, p1488–1492
  • Online Extra
    Outcomes in lung transplantation after previous lung volume reduction surgery in a contemporary cohort

    Leah Backhus, Jonathon Sargent, Aaron Cheng, Steven Zeliadt, Douglas Wood, Michael Mulligan
    Vol. 147, Issue 5, p1678–1683.e1
  • Hybrid versus Norwood procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Contemporary series from a single center

    Alexander A. Brescia, Saadeh Jureidini, Saar Danon, Eric Armbrecht, Andrew C. Fiore, Charles B. Huddleston
    Vol. 147, Issue 6, p1777–1782
  • Malignant pleural mesothelioma and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons Database: An analysis of surgical morbidity and mortality

    Bryan M. Burt, Robert B. Cameron, Nathan M. Mollberg, Andrzej S. Kosinski, Paul H. Schipper, Joseph B. Shrager, Wickii T. Vigneswaran
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  • Sex differences in early outcomes after lung cancer resection: Analysis of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons General Thoracic Database

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  • Outcomes and efficacy of thoracic surgery biopsy for tumor molecular profiling in patients with advanced lung cancer

    David T. Cooke, David R. Gandara, Neal C. Goodwin, Royce F. Calhoun, Primo N. Lara Jr., Philip C. Mack, Elizabeth A. David
    Vol. 148, Issue 1, p36–40
  • A novel approach for the accurate prediction of thoracic surgery workforce requirements in Canada

    Janet P. Edwards, Indraneel Datta, John Douglas Hunt, Kevin Stefan, Chad G. Ball, Elijah Dixon, Sean C. Grondin
    Vol. 148, Issue 1, p7–12
  • Individual differences in field independence influence the ability to determine accurate needle angles

    Ahmad Y. Sheikh, Madeleine Keehner, Audrey Walker, Paul A. Chang, Thomas A. Burdon, James I. Fann
    Vol. 148, Issue 5, p1804–1810
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