December 2021

Volume 162Issue 6p1601-1854, e435-e440

Farewell Editorial

Thoracic Articles in AATS Journals

Thoracic: Lung Cancer: 2021 AATS Expert Consensus Document: Definition and Assessment of High Risk in Patients Considered for Lobectomy for Stage I Non--Small Cell Lung Cancer

Thoracic: Lung Cancer

Thoracic: Esophageal Cancer

Thoracic: Transplantation: Expert Opinion

Thoracic: Perioperative Management

Adult Articles in AATS Journals

Adult: Aorta

Adult: Aortic Valve

Adult: Valve Disease

Adult: Coronary

Adult: Transplantation

Adult: Perioperative Management

Adult: Education: Expert Opinion

Congenital Articles in AATS Journals

Congenital: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome